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April 10, 2006




You hit the nail on the head when you referred to this as a "natural event." This is natural selection, survival of the fittest, thinning of the herd, etc. in shining glory.

What troubles me is the fact that the male eagle isn't taking advantage of this opportunity to ditch the old female and mate with a newer, younger model. Again, though, natural selection comes into play. Perhaps this male eagle has poor DNA and is not meant to reproduce (beyond this current batch). Then again, maybe there is something wrong with this new female (disease, for example) that makes her less attractive than his current mate. The article does not provide that information.

Minus disease or some other obvious flaw in the new female, the male eagle is weak and should not be reproducing. I say this as a person who cares about biodiversity and conservation. As such, I do not want weak, stupid creatures reproducing. That's across the board: humans, cats, eagles, etc. (but mainly humans). When the weak and feeble reproduce, they erode the integrity and quality of life for all of us.

To directly answer your request, Ryan, I would say that if this male eagle truly cared about American values, he would do the American thing and ditch his woman for the younger, hotter female. Values like that built this country.

Another cool idea would be if the government equipped eagles with laser technology and sent them to Middle East to kill terrorists. That would be so amazing.


I say we should have adopted the wild turkey as the national bird like Benny Franklin said

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