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April 26, 2006



I don't even know how to respond to this article, it's just so messed up in so many ways.


Natural selection.


mmmm....feel that veiny goodness


True story. As we walked to dinner last night, a guy was writhing on the sidewalk. Eyes closed. Not responding to our calls to him. Another passerby called 911. Cops were there in less than two. They grabbed him by the collar, yanked him off the ground and asked him if he had done "Jersey heroin". They said they had seen more o.d.'s in the last day than they would usually see in months. "They're droppin' like flies" said the pig.


Too bad the pigs showed up. If the pigs had better priorities, the guy probably would have died and spared our tax dollars.

Ryan Olah

kyle - don't be so conservative w/your compassion dude. did you become a republican when I wasn't looking? you're allowed to think how you want, that's what makes you beautiful and keeps me informed/surrounded by well rounded opinion. I allow you to flourish in my court because you are who you are - not afraid to be a jerk or offensive when the season calls for sensitivity. All of this is to say that we should discuss politics more and stuff like that. Also, you're going to be dealing with these types of folks very soon, you should know their circumstances and at least try to walk a mile in their shoes. I'm not saying blast a rig of china white into your arm and call it a day. I'm saying, why did your friend Booker seek solace in illicit substances? what was he trying to escape? If you can find that stuff, figure out how it applies to others.


I'll assume you're joking.

Ryan Olah

I'm serious about the compassion part, the thing about booker, my appreciation for your POV, that stuff. I've been robbed by junkies before, but I don't think they all get what they deserve when they OD and die.


Dude, Jesus was a Republican.

Ryan Olah

dude, I won't fall for your trap.


No, seriously, he was. I saw it on a sign at a pro-life rally.


FYI, Kyle...I saw the same cop on the street today and asked him what happened. The guy had just had an epileptic seizure and was in a postictal state. Good thing we have these cops to put the epileptics in their place!


And aren't your tax dollars funding South Jersey's police force anyway? Hey, that bad batch of heroin is from Jersey, too!


Three things...

First, the epileptic guy should be charged with loitering. If he's not going to be responsible enough to take his meds, then he needs to own up and pay for the time of the public servants---I mean, pigs---who "were there in less than two."

Second, South Jersey doesn't have its own police force.

Third, I read somewhere that epilepsy is the Devil's breakdancing.


Kidd - remember that time I took you bowling with my youth group and you said to lindsey's buddy beth "what's wrong, are you blind or something, why won't you look at me when I'm talking to you?" not knowing that beth had had multiple surgeries advised by the surgeon general himself to actually save her from total blindness? do you remember when lindsey then slapped you across your face? get ready for deja vu dawg!


I had completely forgotten about that! That was genius!

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