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April 27, 2006



It shouldn't even be debated.

Lisa M.

um, hair grows back. take the money man.


I'm a girl and I'd shave my head for $200! I'd probably even shave it for $100...well, maybe for $150. :)


So what should I do w/the bucks?


Shave your head, take the $200, then pay Amy $150 to shave her head. This way, you've essentially pimped out her head for $50.

We'll make it a show: "Pimp My Head."


I think you should decline. What are you? Some puppet to this wealthy man? What? He thinks he can buy amusement by paying you to shave your head?
I say - you're nobody's puppet. If you want to shave your head it's because you want to - not because somebody wants to own you (or your hair).


I'll give you $50 if you get a Brazilian wax.


I mean that.


I did it - 05.07.06

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