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June 12, 2006



Well - I'll tell you what I know.
1. The path - a path in a dream especally one with a fork typically represents your life. The fork represents a large decision, a monumental one if you will. Paths or trails can sometimes represent boundaries, like you have to stay on a trail, you can't get off the beaten path - but more commonly the trail/path represents life and the fork the decision or change in your life.
2. Wolves - Wolves in a dream can be a positive thing if they're friendly or standing in the distance but the way they sound in your dream I think they represent hostility or agression. Sometimes in a dream, a wolf represents a female (which might explain the cubs and maybe a mother protecting her cubs).
3. Woods- woods typically represent your unconsious - when you're lost in the woods in a dream intrepreters say that you lack direction in life.
4. Your friend, Steve - people are usually in dreams for a reason - what does Steve represent to you in life? Stability, Friendship, your Youth? Whatever it is is probably his meaning in the dream. Maybe if Steve represents your youth and the wolves are attacking him, you're trying to be more mature in life, so the wolves, or agression - are attacking your youth.

So - my mini analysis - you're ready to make a big decision in your life and subconsiously you feel like you might be making the wrong one. Based on the fork in the path and the bad stuff on the side of the path you went down - you're afraid of making the wrong decision. The friend and the false feeling of safety (when you saw the cubs were behind a fence) I don't know enough about. I bet that you can put it together though. :)

Of course I could be way off base. Sorry for the LONG post. -KMS


wow. I think kelly has been reading my diary.


Do I win the prize? Can the prize be a bag of your hair? ;) ha ha

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