> Kyle & Erin Threw A Party!

01) The Invitation
02) Door Prizes: $10.  Music: $90.  Kyle: Priceless.
03) Dave and Zak
04) Zak, Michelle, Jeff and Mary.
05) B-Rabbit during the final battle-rap.
06) Kyle enjoys a quiet moment with Dig.
07) Scared!
08) The Big Three
09) Sorry ladies, I'm taken.
10) Michelle, Jeff and Mary
11) This guy hearts Puerto Rico.
12) Action shot: Kyle closing the deal.
13) Michelle and Jeff
14) One word: Pimpin'
15) His name is not "Nate."
16) Pimpin' 2:
17) Drama:
18) Nice try, Zak.
19) Cue the theme to "Chariots of Fire."
20) This pretty much speaks for itself.
21) Remember that video where U2 performed on a rooftop in L.A.?
22) Reading Ryan's "blog" actually destroys any chance of winning this award.
23) When Janell speaks, smart people listen…
24) …and listen.
25) Kyle is content after "serving" Ryan with a snap.
26) Couple of the year.
27) Nate can't believe how much smarter and wealthier he is than everyone else in the room.
28) Kyle explains to Janell what real art is: "Thomas Kincade is a genius!" he exclaims.
29) It dawns on Janell that Kyle is right.